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[Q] un-lock.us Trustable?

Hi! Last week I bought a SIM-locked Sony Xperia Z and now I'm waiting for an unlock code to arrive. However, it may take several days and I bumped...

Tags : lock Trustable

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[Q] un-lock.us Trustable?
Hi! Last week I bought a SIM-locked Sony Xperia Z and now I'm waiting for an unlock code to arrive. However, it may take several days and I bumped...
TAGS: lock Trustable

Hi, anyone know those ah beng shop in Chinatown trustable? They have iPhone 4s 32gb for 788... anyone can help me?

TAGS: trustable

Is VC not trustable ?
Dear Friends,

I tried the below two programs in Linux as well as in Visual C++ (windows )

Both are giving different answer
try to do it and give some suggestions

Thanks in advance
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
char s1[10]="abcde";
char s2[3];

char* c,*d;

while(*c++ = *d++);

printf("%s - %s ",s1,s2);
return 0;

Ans :: abcde - abcde (in L
TAGS: trustable

YowCow.com? Is it trustable?
YowCow.com? Is it trustable?

I've seen it recommended at www.paypalsucks.com and wanted to know, is it good? Anybody tried it?


Which shops in sls is trustable?
Which shops in sls is trustable?
I intend to ask some shops in sls to help me build a computer and i am buying parts from them.
So which shops are most trustable
I think bell have quite good service but i dont know if they import things from overseas so the shops i want is good aftersale service, good customer service and will not import things from overseas (please state your experience good or bad) and if you can reccommend me are there any other place that can build pc other than sls

Trustable store?
Trustable store?
I'm planning to build a custom comp at Sim Lim and well.....
After reading through multiple posts and hearing from friends about scamming in Sim Lim, you gotta be scared somehow.
So, any trustable stores in Sim Lim which I can build my custom with reasonable price? (Preferably with delivery service)
Thanks in advance

Is eLief Trustable?
Is eLief Trustable?

Is eLief.com a scam or not? Their prices are fairly reasonable for what they provide and I am wondering if they do what they say. I went and look for some reviews, most of them are positive, but I am still not sure if they are a scam or not? Please tell me if you had a reseller plan with eLief, I would like to check out your reviews.


20MillionHits.com. Trustable?
I saw this link on the website shown in the "best way to receive free traffic on your site..." thread.

Does anyone know whether it works?

Which PSI reading is more trustable?
Which PSI reading is more trustable?
PSI Reading


Singapore Central Air Pollution: Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI)

Anymore to suggest??

this kind of job trustable?
this kind of job trustable?
moi saw this one outside stinktel shop at ion, idk is it trustable to apply...


is bouncemobile trustable?? anybody use before?
is bouncemobile trustable?? anybody use before?
Bouncemobile.com.sg anybody use before?

Is TNTLicensing Trustable?
Hi there,

I just finished my program and want to sell however I learnt that its pretty easy to decompile programs. A friend is using TNTLicensing to protect his programs and said me its doing well but when i researched I saw its a new company.

Did you hear this company before? I found older companies but I cant afford their prices. Im open to any ideas.

Thanks from now.

Looking for a cheap & trustable hosting
Looking for a cheap & trustable hosting

Hello, i'm a HawkHost's customer. I'm very please with HH still now, and i'd love to be with HH longer, but my situation cannot let me do it.

So today i'm looking for a new hosting that meets my requirements:

- My budget for 1 year hosting: $11

- Disk space/BW: 1GB/10GB

- Addon domain allowed: 2-3

So if you know any trustable hosting provider that offer a hosting like that please let me know.

Thank you so much.

[URGENT]This guy trustable anot ?
[URGENT]This guy trustable anot ?
He selling game credit , need your help guys , got a little bit suspicion , cause I saw his current account kenna banned .
His number is currently in the new account , the first link above , try putting it in Hwz search engine .
He said that top up on the spot , but I still don't know will he scam or not . Anyone bought/encounter with him before ? Please advise ! Thanks !

Where is trustable to go for mole removal?
Where is trustable to go for mole removal?
As per topic, I have some moles on my skin which i plan to get it removed. Any place can recommend, cheap and yet trust able with certified doctors to do the procedure?

And also, it would be good if you guys know the price as well.

ish this company trustable and reputable?
ish this company trustable and reputable?
Motorway Car Rentals | Compact and Sedan Car Rental

Is turbovps.com trustable provider?
Is turbovps.com trustable provider?

I wonder that turbovps.com is trustable provider or not.

There are many "companies" whose plans are same as turbovps.com :confused:

Please look as follows:







Also, their billing systems are same (you will see "Webexxpurts.com" on header).

Do you think turbovps.com is a trustable provider o

Is http://www.vps9.net Trustable?
Is http://www.vps9.net Trustable?

Would they be trustable to use for a VPN and or a Voice Server (Ventrillo or Teamspeak)?

Looking for a RELIABLE, TRUSTABLE host
Looking for a RELIABLE, TRUSTABLE host

As I have from what I can see been stitched up by DixHost (No information on my VPS with them) I need to find a new host.

My budget isn't huge but i'm open to suggestion...

(For my Minecraft server)

150GB Harddrive (Won't need all that but pays to be prepared)

10GB+ Ram is a must

4-8 Core CPU is a must

UK or USA hosted.

2 IPs not in the range

Also I need helpful and fast support ;)

I currently pay $31.50 but hav

What Host is trustable in your Opinion ?
Hello !
Well what do you look for in host to see if they are trustable or not ?

For me I am using this strategy:

- I visit their web site see how it looks clean ? tidy ? Professional ?
- I then look to the contact options existing : Phones ? Faxes ? Postal Mail ? Support Desk ? Help/Contact through IM !!
- I read carefully the About section what info they put in there ? are there names ? is it credible trustable ?
- How long had they been online ?
- I search on google for links to them and reviews about them !
- I try to look into their forums (if any) or to ask about them in some big hosting forums
- I gather all

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