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How to Preserve a Sea Sponge

There are over 9,000 species of sea sponge around the world, with only a few species soft enough for human use. While living in their natural habitat, sponges are covered in black colored skin. The tan or light brown remains that make up the sponge are its skeletal remains. These remains are good for painting, cleaning, bath products and other uses. But if you want your sponge to last, you have to take care of it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Natural sea sponge
Rubbing alcohol
Plastic container with lid
Put on your gloves. If don't, you risk cutting your hands on the sharp, glass-like material embedded deep inside the sponge.

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How to Preserve a Sea Sponge
There are over 9,000 species of sea sponge around the world, with only a few species soft enough for human use. While living in their natural habitat, sponges are covered in black colored skin. The tan or light brown remains that make up the sponge are its skeletal remains. These remains are good for painting, cleaning, bath products and other uses. But if you want your sponge to last, you have to take care of it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Natural sea sponge
Rubbing alcohol
Plastic container with lid
Put on your gloves. If don't, you risk cutting your hands on the sharp, glass-like material embedded deep inside the sponge.

How to Preserve a Sea Sponge So That It Doesn't Smell
Sea sponges are marine life specimens commonly used for home decoration or body care. You can purchase them from most body care shops, or you can harvest your own. You need to thoroughly clean and preserve sea sponges that you harvest yourself so they do not become smelly.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Protective gloves
Running water
Soup pot with lid
Rubbing alcohol
Put on protective gloves. Hold the sea sponge under running water in the sink or outside under a garden spigot. Rinse the sponge out until the water runs clear.
Squeeze the sea sponge gently with both hands to remove the excess water.
Fill a soup pot large eno

Will a Natural Sponge Absorb More Water Than a Man Made Sponge?
People have used sponges for both household and hygiene purposes for centuries. Artificial sponges were developed in the 1940s by the DuPont company. Due to their attractive appearance, uniform size and superior absorbency, they have largely replaced natural sponges. Water AbsorptionA sponge draws water into itself because its surface is cellulose. Cellulose surfaces attract water molecules because the holes, nooks and crannies of the surface allow water molecules to cling. By contrast, non-cellulose surfaces such as wax or plastic will not absorb water because they do not allow water molecules to enter through their surface. In a sponge, the water spreads out along the cellulose surface

git rebase “--preserve-merges --onto” doesn't preserve merges
Using git v1.7.1 I'm trying to do a rebase with both the --preserve-merges and --onto features at the same time. The end results seems to be without the merge commits, and so appears linear. I'd rather preserve the merge commits, for the same reason that people would often use --preserve-merges (easier to see the group of commits that was logically a separate feature and developed in its own branch).
My master branch (the destination for the rebase) is boring:
The feature branch I want to take from has a sub-feature branch that has been merged into it. Like:

this is my website (Mx 2004, AS2)
i need to know what you think....

How to Dry Out a Sponge
Sponges allow easy cleanups for kitchen and bathroom spills, but are notorious for harboring harmful bacteria if they are not properly sanitized and dried out. A wet sponge is a breeding ground for bacteria and easily becomes the source of germs rather than preventing them if left untreated. Throw sponges out once they have a sour smell or if they begin to look dingy to protect your home and yourself from germs, according to Good Housekeeping.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
3/4 cup bleach
1 gallon water
Medium-sized bowl
Fill the medium-sized bowl with 1 gallon of warm water and pour 3/4 cup bleach into the bowl.
Submerge the
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How to Use a Sponge Mop
Sponge mops provide better cleaning control than the bulkier string mops. The smaller head of the sponge mop is also better for cleaning small areas. It's also easier to wring out sponge mops than string mops, which makes sponge mops better for damp mopping surfaces that shouldn't get too wet, such as wood floors. Sponge mops may also be used to clean walls and ceilings or apply finishes. Lightweight, easy to use, versatile and inexpensive, this mop has a place in almost any household.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Sponge mop
Floor cleaner
Sink or bathtub
Sweep the surface well with a broom before mopping with a sponge mo
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Uses for a Buf-Puf Sponge
If you are counting pennies, Buf-Puf sponges can be an extremely economical way to clean. Instead of tossing an old sponge out after using it for your face, save it to use around the house. Buf-Puf sponges are traditionally used in facial cleaning, but they can be used for cleaning a variety of other surfaces as well. Because Buf-Puf sponges are gentle enough to use on the face, they are ideal for removing dirt and scuff marks off of vinyl and other surfaces. Wash Your FaceWet your face and Buf-Puf sponge with warm water. Apply a small amount of facial cleanser to the sponge. Use your fingers to work the cleanser into the sponge to form a lather. Gently scrub your face with the soap
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Where can buy pu foam sponge ah?
Where can buy pu foam sponge ah?
 Anyone know where can buy those pu foam sponge sheet or not ah? Those type u buy tv or com then the white sponge inside the box one. Trying to use it to make costume leh but dunno where buy. Art friend also bo need help sia
alternative ly anyone know where can buy muscle man costume?
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How to Disinfect a Sponge
Sponges sop up more than messes. They also absorb germs and bacteria. This is a quick and easy way to kill much of these germs and extend the life of your kitchen sponge.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Kitchen Sponge
Rinse your sponge several times, soaking it fully and wringing it dry.
Soak your sponge thoroughly and squeeze out only the excess water. Be certain the sponge is still wet.
Place the sponge in a microwave and microwave it on high power for one minute.
Let the sponge cool for several minutes before removing it from the microwave.
Resume using your sponge, confident that you are actually cleaning and

The Life of a Sponge
Sponges, also known as poriferans, belong to the phylum Porifera. This type of animal is believed to date back to the late Precambrian period, about 500 million years ago, and today there are about 5,000 species of sponges, most of which live in salt water. PoresSponges containhave pores all over their bodies through which water flows in, providing oxygen and food. Water also is used as a means for eliminating waste products such as carbon dioxide.
AnatomyA sponge's body is made up of two layers of cells and a gel layer with either supportive needles or flexible skeletal material. Sponges are invertebrates that do not have tissues, organs or a nervous system. They also contain hair-lik
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What Is a Loofah Sponge?
Natural sponges are harvested from either sea animals or vegetable plants, namely gourds. Loofah, or luffa, sponges are produced from long, thin gourds and are much harder and more abrasive than sea sponges. Most often, loofah sponges are used for scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin. Often seen for sale in stores in the form of back brushes or exfoliating mitts, loofah sponges also make ideal scrubbers for pots, pans and surfaces, such as counter tops. The loofah gourd is an amazingly versatile, no-fuss plant that is relatively easy to grow in warm climates. Making homemade loofah sponges is not only possible, but fairly easy to do. Growing the Loofah GourdLoofah gourds are members of a p

Sponge Vs. Rag Painting
Sponge painting and rag painting are two decorative paint techniques that are commonly used in interior design. While many aspects of the two techniques are similar, they provide different results. Both techniques can provide everything from subtle texture to bold contrast depending upon the paint colors chosen. Sponge PaintingSponges create texture and depth.Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty ImagesSponge painting is a technique that uses multiple paint colors to create a multi-tone finish on interior walls. This look is achieved by first painting the entire wall with one color of paint. After the paint dries, a sponge is dipped in a second color of paint and dabbed repeatedly over the fi

A Sponge Mop and Cleaning
Versatility and convenience can make the difference between an arduous cleaning task and one that is quick and simple. A sponge mop is a cleaning tool that can go beyond the floors it was designed to clean to give you leverage, accuracy and enough pressure to thoroughly clean some of the flat surfaces not within arm's reach -- and without breaking your back to get it done. Cleaning FloorsA sponge mop is a great choice for hard-surface flooring. Sweep the floors and its corners well, prior to mopping it. Prepare a bucket of warm to hot water and add to it the recommended amount of cleaning solution. Dip the mop into the bucket to saturate it with the cleaning water, and then squeeze it out

How to Sponge Bathe
Sponge bathing is the preferred method of cleaning the body for die-hard water conservationists. For others this way of bathing is in use only during natural disasters because of the limited availability of fresh water. This is a popular method for elderly and newborn care too. This technique is easy to learn and would be beneficial for caregivers and homemakers alike. A sponge bath is a refreshing way to stay clean during a busy day too.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Medium-sized plastic tub
Antibacterial liquid soap
Assemble everything you need in one place before beginning your sponge bath. If possible, adminis
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How to Put In Sponge Curlers
Sponge curlers have been used for generations by little girls and mature women. When you want a quick and inexpensive curly style without extra fuss and effort, sponge curlers are an easy styling option. They are soft enough to sleep in comfortably and when left in damp hair until it dries, the result is usually sturdy curls that last throughout the day.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Detangling spray
Fine-toothed comb
Hair clips
Sponge curlers
Hair spray
Wash and condition hair as usual. Spray with a detangling spray and towel-dry vigorously. Comb your hair and wait long enough that your h
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DIY Sponge Painting
If you dream of Tuscan villa plaster walls or envy the weathered look of an outdoor cantina but have few or no painting skills, there is a DIY way to achieve the look. Sponge painting adds depth and subtle texture to walls and doesn't require a degree in art and architecture. With simple items such as paint, glaze, buckets and sponges, anyone can transform plain, boring walls into works of art.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Wide painter's tape
Satin sheen, semigloss or eggshell-textured paint (2 contrasting colors)
Clear latex glaze
Paint roller
Plastic roller paint tray
2 plastic buckets
Paint stir stick
Foam paper plates
2 round

How to Use a Foundation Sponge
If you use pressed powder or liquid foundation, you've probably used a foundation sponge. Most of the top cosmetics companies provide round sponges with their pressed-powder compacts. You can use these and other foundation sponges to create natural looks and dramatic statements with your makeup.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Wash your face and apply moisturizer. Keep in mind that a clean, hydrated face is the best canvas for applying foundation.
Hit the local drugstore and buy a bag of inexpensive foundation sponges. Look for wedge-shaped sponges for applying liquid makeup and for blending in concealer. Choose round-shaped sponges for applying pressed powder or cream foundation.

the sponge button
what do it do? i never see a diff when i use it.

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How to Use a Sea Sponge as a Pessary
It isn't uncommon for women to experience some degree of pelvic-wall prolapse. This can lead to leaking urine when the woman coughs, sneezes, laughs or does other vigorous activity. A pessary is a device, usually made of silicon, inserted high up into the vagina to provide additional support to the pelvic wall. Some women prefer to use sea sponges as a pessary. The sea sponges are completely natural and some women find them more comfortable than pessaries inserted by the doctor. Insert a sea sponge pessary in a manner similar to inserting a tampon.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Sea sponge
Scissors, optional
Wet the sea
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