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Crafts to Make From Baling Twine

Baling twine is a type of synthetic twine that is usually used to bind together hay or straw. It is coarse and rough, much like a very thin piece of rope, and can usually hold a weight of up to 350 lbs. Baling twine has many uses, including craft-making. Door MatCrochet baling twine to make a door mat or rug. The rough material is just the thing to wipe off dirty boots or shoes, but still looks cute with its earthy, neutral color that matches anything. If you want a pop of color, mix in a little bit of colored rope, yarn or twine to add design and interest.
BasketBaling twine can also be made into a basket using crochet techniques. Baling twine is strong enough to make a relatively

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Crafts to Make From Baling Twine
Baling twine is a type of synthetic twine that is usually used to bind together hay or straw. It is coarse and rough, much like a very thin piece of rope, and can usually hold a weight of up to 350 lbs. Baling twine has many uses, including craft-making. Door MatCrochet baling twine to make a door mat or rug. The rough material is just the thing to wipe off dirty boots or shoes, but still looks cute with its earthy, neutral color that matches anything. If you want a pop of color, mix in a little bit of colored rope, yarn or twine to add design and interest.
BasketBaling twine can also be made into a basket using crochet techniques. Baling twine is strong enough to make a relatively

Hemp Baling Twine Crafts
Hemp twine is durable, inexpensive and easy to work with, making it a favorite for crafts. Hemp jewelry such as bracelets and necklaces are a common craft using baling twine. The twine works well with other crafting projects like macramé, weaving and crocheting. Dyed hemp twine is a favorite for adding color to crafting projects. Hemp Twine JewelryUsing hemp twine and knotting, crafters make jewelry such as bracelets, anklets, watchbands and rings. The knots necessary for jewelry include the overhand, square, half and switch knots. The sennit is a series of knots and, depending on the knot used, the series will either be flat or spiral. Depending on the desired design, the jewelry

How to Make Baling Twine
Baling twine is a type of hemp used to bind hay or straw so that they can be easily stacked. This twine can also be used as a makeshift halter or used to tie feed buckets onto the barn wall. Baling twine can be made from natural materials like sisal which is an agave plant that grows thin, sharp leaves. The fibers from the leaves are used to make the baling twine. The sisal plant is a tropical plant that somewhat resembles a cactus.Difficulty:Moderately ChallengingInstructions Things You'll Need
Sisal plant leaves
hot glue
utility knife
Make Your Own Baling TwineObtain sisal plant leaves and spread apart.
Use the utility knife to cut out the leaves i
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Uses for Baling Twine
Baling twine is as versatile as duct tape, and farmers generally have an endless supply. When it comes to quick fixes and helpful uses, that extra twine comes in handy. It is also great for making crafts and other useful items for around the home. Uses for the twine are endless for those with an active imagination. Around the Barn and PastureBaling twine has many uses around the barn and pasture. You can use it as a tie for various projects such as tying feed buckets to walls, or fans or jollyballs to rafters. It is good for tying stall guards and tying down tarps. Baling twine is also useful to cordon off muddy pastures in spring, make handles for the ends of electric fencing and create
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Things You Can Do With Baling Twine
Baling twine can be used for so many different projects that you might never run short of things to do with it. From practical applications to crafts, baling twine can be a useful thing to save and have around the house after cutting it from a bale of hay. Crocheted Baling Twine RugBaling twine can be crocheted into a rustic rug or doormat using a jumbo sized crochet hook. A size P crochet hook will work well for this project. Make your foundation chain slightly longer than the width you would like your rug to be. Chain one more stitch, turn your work and work a single crochet in the back loop of each chain stitch. At the end of the row, chain one, then single crochet in back loops only a

Crafts With Twine
Twine has a naturally earthy look and feel that adds a rustic touch to crafts. Because twine is, by its nature, a strong and durable fiber that increases its possible applications in crafting. From basic monogramming to creating hanging crafts, the possibilities with twine are plenty. Autumn CraftsMake a corn husk doll by bunching together small husks of equal length and using twine to hold them together. Wrap twine around the gathered husks about 1/2 inch from the top in two layers to make the body. Then roll husks into a ball for the head and tie on with the twine. Make the arms and legs from husks and twine too. Complete the doll by using twine to tie it all together. Leaf ornaments a
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Bailing Twine Crafts
Make the most out of loose materials lying around the house and encourage kids to explore their creative sides. Bailing twine is easy to work with, leaves little mess, is flexible enough to form into multiple shapes or letters and costs very little money. Whether you're hosting a wild wild west birthday party or teaching a lesson plan about historical old west traditions, completing a craft engages young minds. Monogrammed LettersMonogrammed letters add flair to bedrooms, entryways and dorm rooms. Styrofoam letters and balls of twine are necessary and adhesive spray glue works well to set the finished product. Simply wrap the twine working your way from the top down, pulling tightly. Secu

Crafts Using Weed Eater Twine
Weed eater twine comes in a variety of bright colors and is sold by the spool. Since the twine is sold uncut, it can be used for a variety of craft projects. Any craft that uses yarn or fiber can be adapted to use weed eater twine. Projects made with weed eater twine can be used indoors or out and they make ideal garden accents. MacrameAny macrame project can be adapted to use weed eater twine. Macrame cord is designed to be stretch free and water resistant; weed eater twine shares these qualities. Create plant holders, mats, rugs and baskets using basic macrame knots and weed eater twine. While you can use the patterns designed for macrame, weed eater twine is thinner than macrame cord,

How to Make a Straw Baling Box
When straw is piling up in your yard and you don’t have space to keep it, make a straw baling box. Homemade straw baling boxes are an inexpensive way to compact your straw for easy storage. You do not have to spend a fortune on a store-bought machine, when you can construct one out of scrap wood that will also eliminate areas for other pests to hide.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
1/2-inch plywood sheets
2-by-4 wood planks
2-inch plywood sheet
Rough sandpaper
Power drill
3/4-inch drill bit
2 door hinges
Wood screws
Wood nails
PreparationMake the walls of the baling box. Cut a 1/2-in
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How to Make a Twine Halter
A halter is used to lead farm animals by the jaw and head. A simple collar would choke most animals so halters use two separate loops to wrap around the jaw and behind the ears of the animal. This spreads out the pulling tension to prevent harm to the animal. Pre-made halters can be purchased but in a pinch, you can use regular bailing twine to create a makeshift halter.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
12 feet of bailing twine
Make a simple overhand knot on one end of the bailing twine. This knot is created by holding the twine parallel to the ground with the end in your right hand. Cross your right hand over your left to create a loop i
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How to Make a Twine Necklace
Twine necklaces are rope-like necklaces that are popular among home jewelry makers. These necklaces are usually sold in gift shops, especially along the beach. They are most frequently worn in the summer months. Rather than purchasing an overpriced twine necklace in a gift shop, make your own and design it exactly how you want.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Jute or hemp twine
Push pins
Charm, bead, shell or stone (optional)
Cut six pieces of twine approximately 5 feet long.
Thread all six pieces of twine through the charm, bead, shell or stone until your decoration is in the center of the t

How to Make Your Own Bullwhips Using Hay Twine
The whip has been in use for thousands of years. Unlike whips used in Ancient Egypt, often seen detailed in hieroglyphics, bullwhips don't come into contact with a person or animal. Bullwhips were developed as a means of driving livestock, such as cattle, by scaring them with the cracking noise the whip makes, without actually injuring the animal.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
8-inch by 3/8-inch spike
Bench grinder
2-inch by 18-inch leather hide
Razor blade leather plane
Leather dressing
Utility knife
3 feet artificial sinew
30 feet hay twine
Protective eyewear
Protective gloves

How to Make a Twine Rosary
The rosary is one of the oldest tools of prayer. Associated with Roman Catholics and the Roman Catholic Church, it is a tool that members use to ask for the help of Mary, the mother of Jesus, for a large variety of concerns. Traditional rosary chaplets consist of beads strung on a chain or a rope, while a twine rosary is made completely out of twine. The "Our Father" and "Hail Mary" prayers are recited on the beads of traditional rosaries, and on the knots of twine rosaries. Although it is widely considered a Roman Catholic prayer tool, anyone may incorporate the rosary into a prayerful life.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Nylon twine
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How to Make a Twine Wreath
Wreaths are most often seen around Christmas time when ones made of evergreen hang over mantels and adorn front doors. But the use of wreaths to decorate your home is not limited to Christmas time, nor are the materials you can construct them from limited to evergreen. Make your own twine wreath with felt flower embellishments to add a punch of color.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
12-inch wreath form
Low-temperature hot glue
3 felt sheets in different colors
Tailor's chalk
3 buttons
2-inch-wide ribbon
Attach the end of the twine to the back of the wreath form with a small dot of h
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How to Make Sisal Twine
Rope- and twine-making were universal prehistoric skills. Rope was made from tree bark, plant fibers, hair, vines and other materials that were found in the environment. Twine is a simple cord of spun fibers, while sisal is a fibrous material from the agave sisalana. This plant is grown in Brazil and Tanzania for twine production, but it also grows in Haiti and the Philippines. Sisal leaves grow to over 4 feet long, and the plant has hard, coarse fibers that are ideal for twine and rope. Make twine yourself by twisting the fibers by hand.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Sisal plant or fibers
Large rounded stone
3 helpers
Steel comb

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How to Make Twine Bracelets
Twine is a rough type of string made of two or more strands of string twisted together. One of the most commonly used types of twine in jewelry making is hemp twine --- a naturally grown material that is stronger and more absorbent than cotton threads. Making bracelets out of hemp twine is quite simple, and requires only two simple knots. The same technique is used to create most types of twine jewelry, including necklaces.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Hemp twine
Measure the wrist of the person who the bracelet is for. You will need to cut four separate strands of twine. Two of the strands should be as long as th

How to Make Twine Rag Rugs
You can use twine to make a coiled rug, similar to the colorful, coiled rag rugs seen in many kitchens. Because twine is thinner than the cloth strips usually used to make coiled rag rugs, you will have to braid several strands together before you begin. Twine rag rugs are long-lasting and can be recycled to your compost pile when they become too worn to use.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
10 to 20 skeins of jute, sisal or hemp twine
30-inch square cardboard, 1/2-inch thick
Needle and thread
Cut all twine into 36-inch strands. Knot four strands together and secure the knot to your cardboard sheet by pushing a T-pin into it. T-p
TAGS: Make Twine Rugs

How to Make Hemp Twine
Hemp fiber is a long, strong and absorbent material that is ideal for twining. Its anti-mildew and antimicrobial properties are also superb qualities for twine. This quality twining fiber is obtained when the plant begins to flower. A retting process removes the longest strands form the woody center of the stalk and frees them for twining. Hemp, a cannabis sativa L. variety, has long been an important twine- and rope-making plant.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Ret the hemp plant matter to loosen the outer bast fibers from the inner core. Dew retting is accomplished by leaving the hemp in the field to allow natural bacteria and humidity to work on the stalks. This can also be done
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How to Make Twine String
Twine is a strong type of cording that is constructed from multiple, individual strings, and can be used in a wide variety of craft projects. If you need a specific type of twine that is a certain color or texture, you may have difficulty locating it at a craft supply store. However, you can make your own custom twine using a few materials that are readily available at the craft supply store.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Colored string, medium
Colored string, thin
Cut four pieces of medium-gauge colored string to measure 18 inches long. Clamp the strings together in a clothespin, arranging the strings eve
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How to Make a Twine Cross
Making a cross out of twine can be done on your own or in a large group such as a Sunday school class or church gathering. Using your finger and a few pieces of twine you can wrap and knot the twine to form a beautiful cross to be worn as a necklace or as décor. A twine cross is a simple yet pretty religious piece for yourself or as a gift.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Measuring tape
Cut a 60-inch piece of twine. Hold one end of twine in your hand and wrap the rest around your index finger five times, keeping the wraps loose, then pull the long end of twine through the wrapping. Slowly and gently
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