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How to Sync Your Favorites With an LG Ally

When you have dozens or even hundreds of contacts on your mobile phone, it can be time-consuming to locate specific contacts. The LG Ally, like all Android-powered smartphones, lets you mark specific contacts a Favorite, which are displayed with a gold star on their contact screen. Tap the "Favorites" tab on the contact screen to display your contacts with Favorites at the top of the list. Add and sync Favorites with your default Gmail account.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Tap the Applications tab at the bottom of the Ally home screen, then touch "Settings."
Tap "Accounts & Sync." Touch "Auto-Sync." Tap the default Gmail account associated with your Ally. Touch "Sync Contacts"

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How to Sync Your Favorites With an LG Ally
When you have dozens or even hundreds of contacts on your mobile phone, it can be time-consuming to locate specific contacts. The LG Ally, like all Android-powered smartphones, lets you mark specific contacts a Favorite, which are displayed with a gold star on their contact screen. Tap the "Favorites" tab on the contact screen to display your contacts with Favorites at the top of the list. Add and sync Favorites with your default Gmail account.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Tap the Applications tab at the bottom of the Ally home screen, then touch "Settings."
Tap "Accounts & Sync." Touch "Auto-Sync." Tap the default Gmail account associated with your Ally. Touch "Sync Contacts"

How to Delete Favorites From Your LG Ally
The Android operating system that powers the LG Ally smartphone lets you designate stored contacts as Favorites. Favorite contacts are marked by a gold star in the corner of their contact screen, and are shown as "Starred in Android" in your default Gmail contact list for your phone. A list of your Favorites can be displayed from the "Favorites" tab in your contact list. You can delete a contact from your Favorites without deleting the contact.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Touch the "Contacts" Quick Key at the bottom of your Ally home screen.
Tap the "Favorites" tab. Touch and hold a contact.
Touch "Remove From Favorites." You can also touch the "Contacts" tab, tap a contac

How to Delete Favorites From the Call Log on the LG Ally
The LG Ally's call log shows the contacts that have recently taken part in incoming or outgoing calls. A contact that is designated as a favorite is identified by a gold star. You can delete any contact that is on the Favorites list at any time.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Press the "Contacts" button near the bottom of the LG Ally's screen.
Press the "Favorites" link.
Touch a contact listing. Hold your finger down until a menu appears.
Press "Remove From Favorites" to delete the contact from the Favorites list.

How to Sync LG Ally
The LG Ally runs the Android operating system, which integrates naturally with many types online accounts, including Google and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync accounts. Keeping up-to-date on everything in your accounts is important, especially if you access your work account from your phone. Your LG Ally gives you full control over its account synchronization options in its "Accounts & sync" section. You can set your phone to sync itself automatically or you can just sync it manually whenever you want.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Things You'll Need
Data plan
Accounts & SyncPress the "Home" button, which has the image of a house on it.
Press the "Menu" butto
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How to Sync Music to an LG Ally
You can sync music from a computer to your LG Ally mobile phone with the help of Windows Media Player. The program allows you to pick and choose which songs are synced to your phone. You can opt to sync other media, including videos and pictures, with Windows Media Player. After syncing the Ally with your computer, you can listen to your favorite music anywhere without an Internet connection.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
USB cable
Connect your LG Ally to the computer with a USB cable. A notification message will appear on the LG's home screen.
Touch "Mount" to prepare the phone to sync with your computer.
Launch "Windows Media Player" from
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How to Sync LG Ally Into iTunes
As an Android smartphone, the LG Ally does not include native firmware for synchronizing with Apple's iTunes media application. There are, however, two applications available in the Android Market that allow you to synchronize with your iTunes media library. While doubleTwist Player supports synchronizing with your entire iTunes library, TuneSync only supports synchronizing with a playlist specifically created for your LG Ally in iTunes.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Sync with DoubleTwist PlayerGo online on your computer to the doubleTwist download page at doubletwist.com. Click "Download." Select "Run" to install the application to your computer.
Open the Android Market on your LG Ally,

How to Sync Videos on an LG Ally
The LG Ally is an Android-powered smartphone with a 3.2-inch touchscreen, which is ideal for watching video. Because the LG Ally only includes 102 MB of internal memory, the addition of a microSD card (up to 16 GB) is required if you want to sync videos to the device. The built-in video player supports MPEG4, WMV, 3GP and 3G2 video formats.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
MicroSD card
Remove the cover over the microSD card slot on the right side of the device, and insert the microSD card. Connect the LG Ally to your computer, using the supplied USB cable.
Pull down the notification panel at the top of the screen. Tap "USB Connected." Tap "Mount.
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Facebook Sync on Ally?
I have a droid and my friend just got an LG Ally, and she asked me how to sync her facebook account with her gmail contacts. However, when i explain to go to settings in facebook and account sync, she doesnt have that option. Why would they be any different and does anyone know if or how you are able to sync your contacts with facebook on the Ally?

Sync LG Ally to Window Computer
I have an LG Ally, which has the android operating system. My laptop has Windows xp on it. I used to have a motorola q and would just connect it to my laptop and could sync all the music from my windows media player. I could also put the songs in a file on the the phone to use them for ring tones. I was wondering if I can do this with the Ally - from my reading the music should sync, but am unsure if it can be used for ringtones. The issue here also is that I cannot see the Ally on my computer. It doesn't even recognize as being attached even though the phone is charging while connected. Is there a driver to download or something? Everything I've read indicates that the phone is supp

How to Sync Facebook Contacts With Ally
The LG Ally is a Verizon smartphone running the Android operating system. The official Facebook application for Android allows you to sync your Facebook friends list with the contacts list on your Ally. Syncing updates the contacts on your Ally with pictures, email addresses and other information from Facebook, and you can choose to create new contacts for Facebook friends who are not already in your Ally's contact list.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Tap the "Market" icon in your Ally's application launcher to open the Android Market. Touch the "Search" button and search for "Facebook."
Tap "Facebook for Android" in the results list, tap the "Free" button and tap "OK" to downlo

Support Calendar Sync on LG Ally Phones
My wife and I both use an LG Ally. We use Busy Cal on our Mac Computers and have created google calendars and are able to sync our calendars and read each others calendars on our computer. Our individual calendars can be sync to our Allys but she cannot see my calendar nor can I see hers. Is this possible on a google phone???
It is on an IPhone.

How to Sync Favorites in IE
The browser that is native to the Windows operating system is Internet Explorer. However, you can download and install other browsers on the system, and if you prefer, use them instead of Internet Explorer. If you have used another browser extensively, but now wish to use Internet Explorer, you can sync that browser's favorites with Internet Explorer. Use the Import/Export utility in Internet Explorer to import the favorites from other browsers. This feature is convenient because you can use it to avoid manually entering each favorite website from the other browser into Internet Explorer.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Launch Internet Explorer, then click the "Favorites" icon. The
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Sync Favorites/bookmarks
Sync Favorites/bookmarks
  I am running XP-sp2 with the following browsers: Maxthon2, Fire Fox, IE-7, and Opera.
I use all of them from time to time and it gets a bit crazy trying to keep my bookmarks in sync.

Does anyone know of an application that would easily sync the favorites/bookmarks of these browsers or have a suggestion to ease my frustration ??? Freeware would be nice but not a requirement.

Exporting & importing every time I add to one of the files get old.

How to Sync iPhone Favorites
The Apple iPhone provides syncing capabilities for the vast majority of data stored on the device, including browser favorites stored in Mobile Safari. Through iTunes, you can synchronize your favorites between Mobile Safari and the desktop version of Safari or Internet Explorer. If Firefox is your preferred desktop browser, then the free iPhone app Firefox Home provides a simple tool for syncing your Firefox bookmarks.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Sync with Safari/Internet ExplorerConnect the iPhone to your computer by using a USB cable.
Launch iTunes on your computer.
Click the iPhone icon.
Click the "Info" tab.
Check "Sync Bookmarks" and select "Internet Explorer" or "Safari"

How to Sync a BlackBerry With Favorites
Your BlackBerry is capable of synchronizing data with your computer, including favorites (also known as bookmarks). The sync process requires your computer to have BlackBerry Desktop software installed. The program synchronizes and backs up other data as well, including your address book, text messages, calendar and fonts. After you install the software, you must configure your BlackBerry to complete the sync.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Download BlackBerry Desktop Software from BlackBerry.com. Click "Download for PC" and "Download."
Restart your computer after the download completes by clicking "Start," selecting the button next to "Shut Down," a

How to Sync Bookmarks & Favorites
If you have all of your favorite websites saved on your browser in your bookmarks, you can change to a different kind of Web browser without losing any of your favorites. You can sync (short for "synchronize" all of your bookmarks that you save on every Web browser that you use if you download a free bookmark synchronization program. You won't need to go looking for your favorite websites to save them to your new Web browser.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Internet connection
Download a free bookmark synchronizer to your computer (see References) and click on the program and follow the directions it takes you through to install it on your computer

General Sync IE favorites
Ok, so I am very new to the android system. I haver had my A500 for a few days, and love it. My problem is(and is probalby cause i dont know my way with android yet) is that i cannot figure out how to sync my favorites, or anything else really for that matter. I have tried acer sync, but cannot get it to recognize. I am using windows 7 and have read that there are issues with Acer sync not working with windows 7. So i am looking for info or advice on the best way to sync my favorites etc. Thanks for your help.

How to Sync Firefox Favorites Through Ubuntu One
As of the time of publication, every Ubuntu user receives 2 GB of free storage space in the cloud through Ubuntu One. You can sync important files with the service so that you always have backup copies, or use the service to transfer files between computers. With an extension for Firefox, you can also sync your Firefox Bookmarks, or favorites, with Ubuntu One and retrieve them on other computers.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Start Ubuntu One.
Click the "Services" tab.
Click "Install Now" under "Enable Bookmarks Sync."
Enter your Ubuntu password and click "Authenticate." The Firefox extension installs.
Launch Firefox. Your favorites automatically sync with Ubuntu One.

How to Sync the Favorites in the Live Toolbar
Windows Live Toolbar is an Internet Explorer add-on that enables you to access Windows Live features from any Web page. The toolbar allows you to search the Internet, check you email, view photos, edit your calendar and access the MSN homepage. You may also synchronize your favorites online and access them on any computer with Internet access.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Open Internet Explorer by clicking "Start" at the bottom-left corner of your screen. Click "All Programs" and select "Internet Explorer."
Locate the Windows Live Toolbar, which should be the bar just below the address (URL) bar. It may also be located above or below the address bar. The bar contains a Microsoft logo and

Google Contacts Sync and Favorites Problem
Whenever I sync my Google Contacts, I lose my Favorites on my phone. How can I fix this?

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