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DIY: Cucumber Trellis

Gardening is the ultimate win-win for a stressed homeowner. Puttering in the garden is a relaxing contrast with a busy day at the office. In addition, even the tiniest garden provides enough tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers to make a summer salad. By using a trellis, your compact garden provides space for vining vegetables and fruits such as peas and cucumbers. With careful planning, a trellis also provides much needed shade on the sunny side of the house. This is a one weekend project.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
3 pressure-treated 2-by-4-inch, 8-foot boards
Measuring tape
Deck screws, 3/4-inch
Deck screws, 2 1/2-inch
6 "L" brackets

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DIY: Cucumber Trellis
Gardening is the ultimate win-win for a stressed homeowner. Puttering in the garden is a relaxing contrast with a busy day at the office. In addition, even the tiniest garden provides enough tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers to make a summer salad. By using a trellis, your compact garden provides space for vining vegetables and fruits such as peas and cucumbers. With careful planning, a trellis also provides much needed shade on the sunny side of the house. This is a one weekend project.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
3 pressure-treated 2-by-4-inch, 8-foot boards
Measuring tape
Deck screws, 3/4-inch
Deck screws, 2 1/2-inch
6 "L" brackets

Easy Cucumber Trellis
Cucumbers come in two types: a bush type that does not require trellising and a vine type that requires trellising to remain healthy. Trellises take many forms, but the general characteristic of a cucumber trellis is a frame with some form of mesh inside. BenefitsAllowing cucumbers to grow up a trellis helps reduce pest problems.Small fresh cucumber on a branch image by Victoria Schaad from Fotolia.comTrellising cucumbers creates more gardening space by utilizing the vertical realm of the garden. It also gets the plants off the ground, which reduces pests and plant disease problems such as downy mildew. Growing cucumbers up a trellis also makes it easier to find and harvest them.

The Best Trellis for Cucumber Plants
Cucumbers ordinarily take up a large amount of garden space unless they're staked. Affixing vines to a trellising or staking system allows plants to grow upright as opposed to spreading wide and overtaking nearby plant space. Although different staking options exist, certain ones are more effective than others in aiding the growth of cucumber plants. Outdoor Garden TrellisesThe best cucumber plant trellises are often made of wood or metal -- a material that's strong enough to withstand strong winds and protect fragile plants from harm. A trellis framed in cedar with cord threaded through holes made on either side to create a grid is optimal for growing multiple cucumber plants. A metal ca

How to Trellis Up Cucumber Plants
Growing cucumbers on a trellis saves space in the garden and makes it possible to grow them in pots on decks, balconies and in tight corners without the worries of cumbersome vines invading the area. Once established, the cucumber vines cling to the trellis growing upward instead of outward, producing fruit that is held neatly above the ground. Harvesting is quick and easy as the young cucumbers are easy to find and pull easily from the vine.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Trellis (latticework, chicken wire, tomato cage)
Wooden or metal stakes
Soft cloth or pantyhose strips
Choose vertical trellises at least 6 feet tall. Latticework, fencing

How to Build a Cucumber Trellis
Cucumber vines gobble up a lot of garden real estate if you allow them to scramble along the ground. So why not grow them up a trellis? You'll free up space for other crops and get better quality cucumbers. A cucumber trellis doesn't need to be fancy. In fact, I like to repurpose the flimsy wire cages sold for tomatoes into cucumber trellises. All you need is some sisal twine, U-shaped landscape fabric staples and about 10 minutes of free time.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Cone-shaped wire tomato cage
8 U-shaped landscape fabric staples
Sisal twine
Gather the legs of the wire cage together and tie them tightly with sisal twine.
Place th

Homemade Cucumber Trellis
Cucumber plants need a lot of garden space to grow. If you read the back of a cucumber seed packet, the instructions may say to plant cucumbers in hills to give the vines room to grow. But cucumber vines will grow well on trellises as well. A trellis allows you to grow cucumbers in tight space. Make a sturdy cucumber trellis with common fencing materials.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Measuring tape
T-shaped posts
Post drivers
Hog wire panels
Garden twine
Measure the length of your fencing materials such as cattle panels, using a tape measure. Plan to make your trellis only as long as these panels.
Drive T-shape

Cucumber Trellis Ideas
When thriving, healthy and well cared for, cucumber vines grow to great lengths. If left to ramble the garden, they take up valuable planting space. Additionally, cucumbers growing on the ground mildew and rot before they're ever picked. Train your cucumber vines to grow up a trellis, and you'll have clean, dry cucumbers as well as more room available in your garden. Cucumber vines grow most structures, but because the cucumbers themselves become heavy, choose something sturdy. Ready-Made TrellisesTrellises of all shapes, materials and sizes are available at garden centers, agriculture stores and online retailers. Choose one made specifically for cucumbers, some of which resemble a small

How to Make a Cucumber Trellis With Lattice
Cucumber plants produce their fruits on long vines. In traditional garden beds, these vines are left to spread over the ground, where they take up valuable garden space. Growing the cucumbers on a trellis saves space in the bed while also elevating the cucumbers above the soil. Trellised plants produce straighter cucumbers that are easier to slice or pickle whole. Manufactured lattice panels, either wood or vinyl, provide the main element of a simple trellis.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Three 2-foot by 2-foot boards
Handsaw or circular saw
Lattice panel
Nails, zip-ties or twine
Plant ties
Cut three 2-inch by 2-inch boards

Can I Grow a Cucumber Plant on a Trellis?
Cucumber plants can be grown either with or without a trellis. Although the fruits will be suspended in mid-air, they are not so heavy that the vines cannot continue to support them. Although many home gardeners continue to allow the plants to spread across the ground, there are a number of advantages to growing them vertically. Bush VarietiesBush cucumbers stay small and are designed for growing in containers or small gardens. They do produce short vines that can be trained on a trellis, but they do not require such support. The advantage to growing a bush-type cucumber plant on a trellis is that it helps the fruit to grow straight instead of curved or bent. It also makes it more difficu

How to Make a Bamboo Cucumber Trellis
Trellising your cucumbers and other garden vegetables that grow on vines has a lot of benefits. Growing your cucumbers on a trellis will keep the vegetables off the ground--making it less likely that your cucumbers will be eaten by pests or rot before you harvest them. A trellis system also makes it easier to harvest your vegetables and it keeps them cleaner. Some trellises are elaborate structures that can take days to build and others are quite expensive if you buy them pre-made at garden stores. However, it's easy to build a simple, inexpensive trellis using bamboo poles.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Cucumber seeds
Bamboo poles

How do I Get a Cucumber Plant to Grow Up a Trellis?
A common problem associated with growing cucumbers is rotting, mostly due to them sitting in damp soil for long periods of time. This problem can be avoided by growing the cucumbers on a trellis. This allows the vines of the cucumber to climb vertically, which in turn keeps the cucumbers off the ground and reduces the risk of rot, and may even result in larger cucumbers. Perhaps the most important step of growing on a trellis is training the young plants to climb.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Plant the cucumbers directly beside the trellis. The vines of the plants are much more likely to attach to the trellis if it is nearby.
Wrap the vine around the bottom rung of the trellis

How to Build a Cucumber Trellis Using Netting
Cucumbers are a common addition to a vegetable garden because they are easy to grow. The plants are a vining species, so they can take up a lot of space in your garden, but you can control their growth with a trellis. Growing cucumber plants on a trellis also keeps the cucumbers off the ground so they do not rot. Trellis netting is a gardening netting material that is resistant to the elements and has large holes so you can reach through either side when harvesting.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Post hole digger
3 7-foot 1-by-1-inch lumber pieces
Trellis netting
Wood nails
Tent stakes
Dig 2-foot-deep holes using a

How Do I Build a Cucumber Trellis for Dummies?
Many varieties of cucumbers form vines that need support to keep them off the ground and conserve garden space. When you build a simple trellis for your cucumbers, your harvest will be larger because slugs, snails and other ground-dwelling pests will be unable to get to your cukes before you do. Trellising also keeps cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables from rotting on the damp ground. Plus, when your veggies are elevated, it's easier to harvest them. Simple trellises are easy to build --- so easy, even "dummies" can do it.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Privacy lattice
Wire cutters
2 two-by-two boards, 8 feet long

How to Grow a Cucumber on a Teepee Trellis
Crisp, refreshing cucumbers are delicious on sandwiches, in salads or even on their own. They are a low-fat, guilt-free snack (at only 5 calories for six large slices). Cucumbers are also easy to grow, making them ideal for home gardens. Growing them on a trellis saves space, makes pest and disease control easier and makes harvesting easier too. You can grow long varieties for slicing or dwarf varieties for pickling -- and all on the same trellis.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Nitrogen fertilizer
Black plastic mulch
Prepare your garden bed at least two weeks before planting by mixing compost into

How to Build a Cucumber Trellis With Nylon Conduit
Cucumbers are sensitive summertime plants and grow only during the warm season, but produce repeat harvests during that time. Plant them after the last frost in rich, crumbly soil and give them adequate moisture for growth. As vining plants, cucumbers grow best with support, which keeps them off the ground and encourages straight fruit growth. Build your own cucumber trellis with leftover household goods like nylon conduit to save some money.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Stakes (8-foot)
Wire (8 to 12 gauge)
Wire clips
Build your trellis when you plant the cucumbers for easier digging and im

How to Make a Cucumber Trellis With Copper Pipe
Cucumbers are sensitive summertime plants and grow in bush and vining varieties. While bush varieties grow well under their own support, vining varieties require support from stakes, cages or trellis systems. Build your own trellis system when you plant the cucumber seedlings to take advantage of soft, freshly tilled earth, and incorporate decorative aspects like copper pipe for individuality.Difficulty:Moderately EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
Organic compost
Garden fork
Copper pipe (6-foot lengths)
Amend the soil throughout the cucumber plot to a depth of 10 to 12 inches. Turn rich organic compost and 5-10-10

Cucumber-JVM: Can Cucumber-junit report only the number of scenarios run and the result per scenario?
I have a Web Automation project setup with selenium-webdriver and cucumber-jvm (version 1.0.14). I was wondering if you could help or point me to the right direction regarding how to proper collect the test results (results and executed time) for each Scenario in a feature file.
When I run my RunCukeTests class somehow JUnit (or cucumber-junit, I don't know who's in charge for that) considers every single step for each scenario (as well as the scenario names) as a test case and spits out the results like that. So when I run my RunCukeTests thru command line (java org.junit.runner.JUnitCore .RunCukeTests) I get:

uninitialized constant Cucumber::Rails::Database (NameError) cucumber + mongoid
Hi guys I am newbie with cucumber and I have a app with mongoid.
I have database_cleaner in my Gemfile
gem "database_cleaner", ">= 0.7.2", :group => :test

In my app/features/support/env.rb file I have:
require 'cucumber/rails'
Capybara.default_selector = :css
ActionController::Base.allow_rescue = false
DatabaseCleaner.orm = 'mongoid'
DatabaseCleaner.strategy = :truncation
rescue NameError
raise "You need to add database_cleaner to your Gemfile (in the :test group) if you wish to use it."

unorthodox cucumber...creating a Cucumber::Ast::Table in a step definition
Context:I'm in a regular situation that commonly uses Cucumber as a solution. I'm trying to use Cucumber on a team with unique needs when it comes to translation and shared understanding. The gist of the problem is that some people cannot use detailed, literal, information on what is being tested (I will call that the concretes), other people need to share an understanding of the concretes, etc.Problem Statement:I have a want to make a Cucumber::Ast::Table inside a step definition. I think

Cucumber running all tests ignoring “cucumber.yml”
I'm fairly sure I know the root cause (not how to fix it) but background goes as such: I cucumber set up to test features of a project and I use tags in the feature files.
In cucumber.yml:
# config/cucumber.yml
## YAML Template
default: --tags ~@wip,~@manual # previously I only used one negative tag in the default profile.
dev: --tags @wip,@manual

Am I right in that the double negative causes all tests to run on the default profile? If so how do I change the default profile to do all tests but ones with either negative tag?
If not what is the problem?

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