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Preschool Crafts for Simeon & Anna in the Bible

In Luke Chapter 2 of the Holy Bible lies the story of Simeon and Anna. Simeon and Anna both met the infant Jesus at the temple when his parents took him to Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice of two turtledoves, according to Jewish custom. Simeon and Anna thanked God and preached of Jesus. This story of two righteous followers of Christ is taught in many Christian homes and churches to young children. Providing a craft or activity in addition to the lesson will enhance the children's understanding. Dove BookmarkFind a template for a turtledove (or pigeon) and re-size it to about 3 inches by four inches. Print out enough turtledoves for the children in the class. Have each child write his or he

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Preschool Crafts for Simeon & Anna in the Bible
In Luke Chapter 2 of the Holy Bible lies the story of Simeon and Anna. Simeon and Anna both met the infant Jesus at the temple when his parents took him to Jerusalem to offer a sacrifice of two turtledoves, according to Jewish custom. Simeon and Anna thanked God and preached of Jesus. This story of two righteous followers of Christ is taught in many Christian homes and churches to young children. Providing a craft or activity in addition to the lesson will enhance the children's understanding. Dove BookmarkFind a template for a turtledove (or pigeon) and re-size it to about 3 inches by four inches. Print out enough turtledoves for the children in the class. Have each child write his or he

Bible Preschool Wise Men Crafts
Bible programs for preschool children introduce basic concepts behind biblical stories and scripture. Christmas themes, such as angels and wise men, sometimes called kings, lend themselves well to a host of crafts easy enough for little hands that are still developing in the fine motor skill department. Reinforce biblical lessons for Sunday school, vacation bible school or other children's programs by providing a fun craft that corresponds with the scriptures. Coffer with GoldIn the book of "Matthew", chapter 2 verse 11 (2:11), it is written that the wise men gave gifts to Baby Jesus. These gifts consisted of frankincense, myrrh and gold. Frankincense and myrrh are Somalian resins derived

Bible Crafts for Preschool Children
Visualize Biblical lessons through crafts and activities to make the lesson memorable and engaging. Bring the Holy Cross and more concepts and scenes from the Bible to life with interactive projects such as models and artistic renderings to accompany verbal discussions. Even children as young as preschoolers can participate in the imaginative and enlightening projects. Lamb of GodMake a "Lamb of God" craft to teach your child about how we are all in God's care and that He is our shepherd. Draw an outline of a lamb (use a stencil if you wish) onto sheets of black construction paper and cut them out. Place two adhesive craft eyes on the face of the sheep and use a silver or white crayon to

Bible Story Crafts for Preschool
Preschoolers learn more easily when material is presented to them in a fun and exciting way. For example, when teaching children about Bible stories, you can help them retain more information by providing them with hands-on crafts related to the story at hand. Stained Glass CrossTeach the story of Jesus and the cross, described in the New Testament, by allowing them to create a stained glass cross from a coffee filter. Instruct the children to decorate a coffee filter using washable markers, then spray the filter with water; the marker will blur into a watercolor pattern that looks like stained glass. Allow the coffee filter to dry completely, then cut it into a cross.
David's Bag of S

Christian Preschool Bible Lessons and Crafts
A Bible study lesson combined with a craft project is an ideal way to get Christian preschool students engaged and excited about what they're learning. Projects using simple materials like paper, glue and felt can be combined for activities that allow students to recreate the Bible scenes they're reading about. Days of CreationKids can make a preschool craft teaching about the days of creation by using something as simple as paper plates as a base. Give each child seven paper plates and some markers and crayons to draw with. On each plate, the children can draw what God created on each day, ending with the seventh day when He rested. The plates can be stapled together to make a book.

Bible Creation Crafts for Preschool Toddlers
Children often ask tough questions, like "Why is the sky blue?" or "Where did I come from?" The book of Genesis can be a starting point for many such discussions. According to the Bible, God created the earth, and everything in it, over a six day span. On the seventh day, He rested. Hands-on activities can engage toddlers and preschoolers, helping them to understand the concept of creation. Creation WheelThis craft will help children remember details of the creation story in the correct order. Start with two round paper plates. Divide the first plate into eight equal sections, printing a title, such as "The Creation Story" in the first. Print, or have the child print, a Bible verse descr

Fiery Serpent Bible Crafts for Preschool
Given a young child's fascination with reptiles, they can make fun Bible crafts from the rather serious story from chapter 21 of the book of Numbers, where the Israelites were inflicted with deadly, fiery serpents for complaining. They were saved when God told Moses to mount a fiery serpent on a pole, which he fashioned out of brass. Those who looked upon it were saved. Chain Link SnakeGive preschoolers strips of red and orange construction paper. Have them glue the first one together in a circle and then draw snake eyes on one side of it. Then show them how to make a chain by gluing the remaining strips into circles around another link. For a teamwork game, divide the preschoolers into s

Preschool Bible Crafts, Activities and Prayers
A little construction paper and glue can have a tremendous impact on the beginnings of a child's Christian faith. A simple Bible story, when matched with an engaging craft, allows children to actively participate in lessons, fixing the message of the lesson within the child's mind more effectively. Likewise, teaching children simple prayers to repeat helps instruct those children how to pray in the future. Paper AngelsCut out triangles and circles using construction paper. Instruct the preschoolers to create an angel using the the triangle for the body and the circle for the head. The kids may use triangles for the wings, or you may provide paper doilies for the kids to attach as wings. P

Preschool Bible Crafts & Activities on Forgiveness
As most Sunday school teachers know, teaching 2- through 5-year-olds about the Bible is no easy task. In fact, half the battle is getting this young age group to sit down long enough to be taught. As preschoolers are still in the process of forming their foundational values and beliefs, forgiveness is one of those core values that preschoolers need to learn and appreciate while they are still very young. By using fun activities and crafts to communicate forgiveness to children, you have a better chance of helping them understand and value the concept. Joesph and the Coat of Many Colors Puppet Show/DramaThe story of Joesph and the coat of many colors is one that children often enjoy becaus

How to Create Crafts for Preschool, Ideas for Preschool Art
In order for children to develop healthy motor skills, it's important for them to participate in Preschool crafts. For parents or Childcare providers, this article will discuss some ideas on how to organize crafts for Preschool aged children. Preschool art is a very important part of teaching children to practice their motor skills and learn how to cut, paste and draw.Difficulty:EasyInstructions Things You'll Need
A box or cabinet full of items used to create crafts for Preschool.
Preschool Art, Ideas for Preschool Crafts:First off, you should create a certain place to collect random items that can be used to create crafts for Preschool. You can use a certain ca

Preschool Bible Lessons
Teaching children about the beliefs of the Christian faith is difficult when they just want to run around and play with their friends. But preschool is about having fun as much as it is about learning, so mix religious education with some entertaining games and activities. NoahThe famous Bible tale of Noah's Ark is a great story for your preschoolers. Tell them all about Noah and the animals, then split the class into three groups: cats, dogs and ducks. Give the children instructions from the following: waddle, lick, quack, beg, bark and meow. Children should only follow the command if it corresponds with their group, for example if you say "meow" then the cats would meow. If you say "No

Preschool Bible Games
Whether in Sunday school, a Christian preschool or in your own home, utilizing games to help teach children simple Bible lessons will help keep them engaged in the learning. By first introducing the lessons and stories in the form of games, you make both the concepts and the learning fun. You also help establish a foundation that can be built upon by lessons in the years to come. Simon Peter SaysPut a new twist on the classic "Simon Says" game where children follow the directions of one leader, Simon. Choose one student to play the apostle Simon Peter and assign the rest of the children a different name from the remaining 12 apostles, such as John, James, Judas, Thomas and Matthew. Instru

Preschool Bible Stories & Activities
Preschool Bible stories and activities have the most impact on young minds if the concepts are easily grasped. Teaching the birth and Resurrection of Jesus helps preschool children understand two central stories in the Bible. A story that has simple morals that preschoolers can apply to their life is the story of Noah and the ark. This story teaches that obeying God does not require understanding everything He wants us to do, and that we should trust His promise to us. And the story of the fishes and the loaves shows preschoolers that nothing is impossible for Jesus. ChristmasRead the story of Jesus' birth in Luke 2:1-20. The natural curiosity of preschoolers enhances learning. After re

How to Teach Bible Literature to a Preschool
The Bible is written using a variety of literary methods, such as chronicles, parables, songs and epistles, which makes it an ideal choice to teach literature. Although your preschool students may not have a wide background of knowledge with which to compare the Bible, the natural curiosity of preschoolers enables you to teach different stories and genres without losing your students' interest.Difficulty:ModerateInstructions Select a few genres the Bible employs to share with your preschoolers. Don't try to tackle every type of genre, as this will overwhelm your students. Share a short verse or passage from each of your selected genres to help your students identify different types of gen

Preschool Bible Christmas Games
Christmas has a special place in kids' hearts. They look forward to it because of the presents, parties and Santa and snowman images. However, parents and teachers should teach children that Christmas is really about the Savior's birth, which is described in the Bible. If you have preschool kids or students, teach them what Christmas really is through preschool Bible Christmas games. Christmas PuzzlesLook for three colorful and vivid Christmas pictures in the Internet. You may choose a nativity scene, wise men following the star of Bethlehem and shepherds on the field. Print two copies of each picture on board papers. Set aside the first sets and tape each against a wall. These will serve

Free Preschool Bible Games
You connect with preschoolers as you grab their attention through playing games. Preschool children don't have long attention spans and will only sit quietly through a very short Bible story. However, with games, preschool children are able to move and speak and have fun while learning important Bible principles. There are any number of Bible games available for use, starting with games from your own childhood. New Twist on Classic Action GamesSometimes preschool children just need to move. The game doesn't have to be deep theologically. It needs to allow preschool children to have fun. You can take games from your own childhood, for free, play the games as you played them or give them a

Preschool Bible Study Ideas
Whether planning Sunday school lessons for preschoolers at your church or you just want to teach your own children biblical principles and values, the Bible offers a variety of material. You can draw lessons from either the Old Testament or the New Testament. You may want to focus on particular characters or certain events or plan lessons to demonstrate how to use biblical values in the child's daily life. God Has a Purpose for EveryoneUse stories and characters from the book of Judges in the Old Testament to teach your preschoolers that each one is unique in God's eyes and that He has a special plan for their lives. Relate stories of Deborah in Judges 4-5, Samson in Judges 13-16, or Sime

Preschool Bible Lessons on the Tabernacle
According to the Old Testament, the Tabernacle was the portable dwelling place for God. The Ark of the Covenant was housed in the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle, and a few other special items were placed throughout the Tabernacle. Exodus 25-31 offers details about how God wanted the Tabernacle to be made and what was to be stored inside. Your preschool students can experience how beautiful and sacred the Tabernacle must have been to the Israelites through a few meaningful activities, Make a ModelWash Styrofoam meat trays to be made into Tabernacles.Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty ImagesChildren can make their own take-home model of the Tabernacle using a few simple materials. Wash out a

Preschool Bible Teaching Themes
Build faith in young children by teaching concepts out of the Bible. Preschoolers love exciting stories about the people in the Bible and enjoy learning the morals behind each narrative. Make sure to frequently review each theme that is taught from the Bible. Use real-life examples that are relevant to preschoolers to reinforce Bible teachings. LettersFocus on specific letters to talk about Bible themes while also teaching letter sounds. When teaching the letter “b,” talk about Bible starting with “b.” Let the kids flip through different types of Bibles or color their own Bible picture. The letter “j” provides the perfect time to talk about Jesus and hi

Preschool Bible Lessons on Sharing
Many preschoolers need to learn how to share. Teachers in Sunday school, private Christian schools and in Christian families may turn to the Bible for stories that demonstrate the blessings of sharing. Many Bible stories proclaim how love and faith in God motivate individuals to share with friends, family and those who have needs. The stories may encourage the preschoolers to share as a loving response. Feeding the MultitudesOn two separate incidents, Jesus fed a large gathering with shared resources. In Mark 8:1-9 and Matthew 15: 32-39, the disciples share their resources of seven loaves and a few fish with 4,000 men and their families. The overflow filled seven baskets. In Matthew 14:13

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